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Διαθέσιμο κατόπιν παραγγελίας

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Gold Replacement stylus

Perfect for usage in discotheques and clubs: provides the best possible sound quality available in a DJ cartridge!

Designed to commemorate the release of the limited edition Technics SL-1200LTD and SL-1200GLD, the Concorde Gold was made to compliment the attractive stylings of these limited edition turntables and to provide the best possible sound quality available in a DJ cartridge. Compatible to a very wide range of turntables.

Using the cartridge for the first time feels like striking gold. It is indeed the flagship product with its gold plating and special Pro E diamond. The Gold enjoys an excellent reputation for its amazing sound quality.

Available only with an elliptical stylus, the Concorde Gold is for DJs who will settle for nothing but the very best!

Gold Stylus Technical data

Output voltage at 1000Hz, 5cm/sec. –   6 mV
Channel balance at 1kHz  –  1,5 dB
Channel separation at 1kHz  –  23 dB
Channel separation at 15 kHz  –  15 dB
Frequency range at -3dB  –  20-22.000 Hz
Frequency response  –  20-20.000 Hz +/- 2dB
Tracking ability at 315 Hz at recommmende tracking force  –  80 μm
Compliance, dynamic lateral  –  7 μm/m N
Stylus type –   Special Elliptical
Stylus tip radius –   r/R 13/25 μm

Tracking force range  –  2.0-5.0 g (20-50 mN)
Tracking force recommended  –  3.0 g (30 mN)
Tracking angle  –  20°
Internal impedance, DC resistance –   750 Ohm
Internal inductance  –  450 mH
Recommended load resistance  –  47 kOhm
Recommended load capacitance  –  200-600 pF
Concorde cartridge weight  – 18.5 g